Communication plan: Lionfish invasion

Since the start of the nineties the lionfish (Pterois volitans;) has been spreading at a rapid pace over the Caribbean Sea. The lionfish is originally from the Pacific Ocean and the Red Sea. It has no natural enemies in the Caribbean and reproduces explosively. 

To be prepared for the arrival of the lionfish the Bonaire National Marine Park (BNMP) in cooperation with Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF) organized 2009 a workshop in 2009. Based on this workshop a Lionfish Response Plan was developed in July 2009. This action plan is also used by the Bonaire National Marine Park to limit the damage the lionfish is causing. It is impossible to stop the lionfish’s march or to exterminate it entirely. Therefore the action plan is aiming at controlling the problem. 

Communication plan: Lionfish invasion | Invasive Lionfish Portal


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