R. LeRoy

R. LeRoy Creswell is a Regional Education Coordinator for the Sea Grant Marine Extension Program at the University of Florida in Fort Pierce, Florida. His extension responsibilities include education and outreach programs in fields related to marine resource utilization, including tourism, commercial and recreational fishing, aquaculture, and coastal zone management. For over 17 years, Mr. Creswell was a research scientist at Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution, Inc. and director of the Tropical Aquaculture department. His research focused on the development of aquaculture technologies for tropical marine invertebrates, including bivalve and gastropod molluscs, and several species of tropical crustaceans, such as the Caribbean spiny lobster.

Mr. Creswell serves on the Board of Directors of the Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute, and is the Executive Secretary of the Institute (15 years). He has been the Senior Editor of the annual GCFI Proceedings during that period. In that capacity he has been the publishing editor of all manuscripts presented in the “Lionfish Special Session” at the annual Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute since 2010. LeRoy was also the publishing editor of the GCFI Special Publication Series No. 1: Invasive Lionfish: A Guide to Control and Management, published in English, Spanish, and French. He also was copy editor of The Regional Strategy for the Control of Invasive Lionfish in the Wider Caribbean, published by the International Coral Reef Initiative in 2013.

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