Alex is a Biologist at NOAA CCFHR and a Ph.D. student at North Carolina State University where he is advised by Dr. Craig Layman and Dr. James Morris. He has been studying invasive lionfish since 2008 when he completed his undergraduate Directed Research (Gannon University) on lionfish population densities, associated species, and habitat preference in the Bahamas. To continue his interest in marine ecology and invasive species, he took a position with NOAA GLERL to assess the ecological and socioeconomic impacts of invasive diseases and parasites in the Great Lakes. Alex then began graduate school at Coastal Carolina University where he completed a M.S. on invasive lionfish control and management with Dr. James Morris at NOAA. As a Ph.D. student, Alex’s research strives to enhance invasive lionfish control and management efforts across the invaded region. For the last couple of years, Alex has served as the Invasive Lionfish Special Session Coordinator for the Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute.
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