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The Foundation ICRI Colombia in Pro of Coral Reefs created a National Network of Volunteers who are observers of the Colombian Coral Reefs and send reports to us by photos, videos or written reports. Here is an example of reports received. This one is sent from our volunteers in Providencia Marine Biosphere Reserve SEAFOLWER. This is the evidence that sharks have learnt to eat lionfishes
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In our first environmental campaigns of the Foundation ICRI Colombia, We heard that the fishermen were scared of the poison of the lionfishes thinking that besides that their spines also it was in the flesh. After tastings promoted and directed by Nohora Galvis, they reliazed that lionfishes are delicious and should be fished toprotect what they call the major treasure they have THE CORAL REEF
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Florida is not the only state with a lionfish problem. This video was taken September 6, 2014 during Tomento's lionfish derby. More than 150 lionfish were collected off of Mississippi during three dives and only two shooters!
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Lionfish Hunting in Fort Pierce, FL
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An educational video musical to disseminate results of my Master's research on lionfish in the native Indo-Pacific
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Fisherpoeople´s Assocation in Costa Rica´s Southern Caribbean using traps to catch lionfish
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