Sailing into a GREEN Solution for the Lionfish Invasion

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Sailing into a GREEN Solution for the Lionfish Invasion

" was founded to help in the effort to gain control of the Lionfish population in the southeast US and the Caribbean. We look to achieve this by not only going out and harvesting Lionfish but also developing a stable market in which supply can always meet the current demands. In the research we have done we have come to the conclusion that there is a current market for Lionfish that individual fishermen cannot effectively match. The nature in which Lionfish are currently harvested (SCUBA and spear) limits the number of fishermen that are able to harvest these fish that have taken over the reefs in the southeast US and the Caribbean. The current demand for these delicious fish is at a standstill, for the fact that a single fisherman or team cannot keep up with demand.

Here at, our plan is to unify the organizations working to control the Lionfish outbreak into a cohesive marketplace. Channeling all harvested Lionfish through a centralized marketplace will allow for a more stabilized fishery. With the creation of the Lionfish, Market Place organizations will have a centralized place to sell their catch and buyers will not have to worry about limited supplies. By opening the Lionfish Market buyers for the whole state of Florida will be connected with a more constant supply, in turn, this access will help to grow the industry and put revenue into the hands of the people trying to fight the outbreak. To read about our event

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